Who controls the memes, Controls the universe.

Dooggies is the First 10k Doge NFT Collection and One of the Nine First 10k NFT Collections on Ethereum before Bored Ape Yacht Club (Minted April 6th, 2021).

The Collection was Rediscovered and Resurrected by NFT Archeologists in January 2022.

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The story from CryptoPunks
to Bored Ape Yacht Club

Cryptopunks23rd June 2017
Cryptoskulls18th May 2019
ChainFaces19th January 2020
SimpsonGan13th March 2021
Chubbies18th March 2021
PixelGan19th March 2021
PunksVoxels23rd March 2021
Dooggies6th April 2021
EtherThings14th April 2021
Bored Ape Yacht Club22nd April 2021

How a Piece of NFT History Almost Got Erased Forever

The creator of Dooggies started learning programming at the age of 13 and created the Dooggies collection when he was 16 years old. On April 6th, 2021 the collection was minted on Opensea.

Due to the creator’s lack of resources to promote the collection, it didn’t get any traction at first. But he wouldn’t give up on the Dooggies, so he gathered a team with resources and set to relaunch the collection under a new name, with a new contract, and a new concept. The original collection was scheduled to be deleted and the new collection was set to launch.

However, just as the original collection was about to be erased forever, NFT archeologists reached out to the team and begged them not to delete it. The team then decided to preserve the original historical collection and with that, an important piece of NFT history.

10,000 Pieces of History on the Blockchain

The 10,000 Dooggies are alpha-canine species created by locked mutations in the NFTs. Each Dooggie is represented as 32x32 pixel art NFT, programmatically assembled and scaled up. The Dooggies were originally minted on an OpenSea Shared Storefront contract (ERC-1155). The Dooggies wrapper allows for Dooggies NFTs to be wrapped to ERC-721 token standard (our own smart contract). Unwrapped Dooggies are ERC-1155 tokens and Wrapped Dooggies are ERC-721 tokens. Wrap your Dooggies here.

Here's what NFT Collectors are saying about Dooggies



Acquire historical NFTs for the community
Create sales bots for discord and twitter
Make a donation to a charitable cause and do a holder’s giveaway
Organize community talent
Tell the Dooggies story
Define the licensing terms for Dooggies NFTs
Get verified on OpenSea
Create an NFT browser and Rarity Tool for the Dooggies Collection
Create a wrapper for Dooggies NFTs
Finalize brand strategy and design
Do our first merch drop
Define the roadmap for the DAO
Launch the Dooggies ecosystem

Dooggies Community TREASURY

The Dooggies collection would never have been resurrected hadn’t it been for the efforts put forward by the pioneers in our community. Dooggies is all about bringing people together and supporting each other. Therefore it only makes sense to establish a DAO to give all our community members the opportunity to shape the future of the project. The team will hand over custody of 1500 Dooggies NFTs to the community TREASURY.

Dooggies in action

Dooggie Skins

Mutantvery rare
Aquaultra rare

Dooggie Moods

Angryvery rare
Loveultra rare
Dooggie Lawyer

Full Commercial Rights

The Company ("Dooggies") holds all intellectual property rights to all the NFTs for and not limited to official Dooggies branding, marketing and merchandising.

Owners of Dooggies NFTs have full commercial rights to the NFTs they own. This means that owners who comply with our terms have an unlimited worldwide license to use copy and display the purchased art that is in their wallets. This license includes the right to create merchandise and derivatives, but it does not include the right to use other intellectual property that belongs to the Dooggies project, such as logos and brand names.

Read the full terms & conditions here